Dates & Events

  - 2019 -

  • 30th of January 2019, 11.00 to 15.00 h
    Meeting of the DSMA-Advisory board with the DSMA-Board of Directors, Berlin, International Trade Center/ VDMA (Association of the German Mechanical Engineering Industry)

  • 05th and 06th of February 2019
    Meeting at the premise of Royal IHC in Holland (member of the DSMA), discussion on future Dutch-German cooperation concerning deep-sea mining

  • 07th of February 2019
    DSMA-office in Hamburg, Meeting with Norwegian colleagues regarding future cooperation concerning exploration and exploitation of deep-sea mineral resources

  • 12th of February 2019
    Hamburg, DSMA-workshop on our recent and future national and international activities

  • 12th of March 2019, 09.45 to 15.30 h
    6th Industrial Meeting concerning French-German cooperation in the field of deep-sea mining, Berlin, BDI The Voice of German Industry

  • 29th to 30th April
    London UK, “The 9th Annual Deep Sea Mining Summit”

  • 16th to 17th of May 2019
    Lisbon, Portugal, “European Maritime Day

  • 22nd and 23rd May 2019
    “11th National Maritime Conference of the German Government”, Friedrichshafen at Lake Constance, Germany

  • 04th of June 2019
    Hamburg, “Annual General Meeting 2019 of the DSMA”, German headquarter of DNVGL in Hamburg

  • Sept. 2019
    UMC 2019, Hainan, China