- New articles from the issue of 12 July 2018 of the THB (with kind approval of the THB –
  Täglicher Hafenbericht)
  - "Maritime Wirtschaft - Tief schürfen, groß rauskommen"
  - "Digitalisierung braucht auch Rohstoffe"
  Both articles are only available in German.

- New DSMA Brochure "Our way towards the responsible exploitation of high-tech metals -
  Facts and challenges of Deep-Sea Mining"
(16 July 2018; pdf; 10.4 MB)

- Position_BDI_Rohstoffversorgung_4.0 (27 October 2017; pdf; 2.54 MB)

- CMF-x-DSMA-Brochure-2017-WEB (21 September 2017; pdf; 6.13 MB)

- Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on further cooperation in deep-sea mining
  between industrial stakeholders in France and Germany
(21 October 2015; pdf; 259 kB)

- Die Bundesregierung legt Bericht zur maritimen Wirtschaft vor - Zentrale Rolle
  des NMMT hervorgehoben
(August 2015)

- BGR-Video: License Agreement for the Exploration of Natural Resources of the Indian Ocean

- Q_and_A_with_Leonhard_Weixler (April 2015; pdf; 168 kB)

Please find below a report of the LTC (ISA) to the Members of the Authority and all stakeholders. It is a report with the title "Developing a Regulatory Framework for Mineral Exploitation in the Area". You can find this report also on the ISA-website with a request for contributions until 15th of May.
- LTC-Report-2015 (March 2015; pdf; 1.52 MB)

- Deutscher Tiefseebergbau - Ergebnisse einer mehrstufigen Expertenbefragung (December 2014)

- Position Paper “The opportunities of deep-sea mining for Germany’s raw material strategy“ of the BDI - Federation of German Industries (October 2014; pdf; 2.1 MB)

- DSMA presentation at the international conference Underwater Mining Institute – UMI on 23 September 2014 in Portugal in September 2014 (pdf; 2.0 MB)

- IMMS_Newsletter_July_2014 (pdf; 150 kB)

- 4th BDI-Raw Material Congress on July 3rd 2014 in Berlin
The DSMA has been participating in the 4th Commodities Congress of the Federation of German Industry (BDI) with 2 roll-ups and various information services. The Congress was held on July 3rd 2014 in Berlin.

- Participation in the UMI-Conference in Portugal in September 2014
The DSMA will participate with its own presentation at the conference "Underwater Mining Institute 2014", which takes place 21 to 09/28/2014 in Lisbon / Portugal.
Further information are available at